Great Big Commission

Here are some progress shots of the monster commission I did for a friend’s Physical Therapy office. 8’ x 8’ masonite panels that are filled with my sweat, anguish, and of course littered with all the curse words that were hurled upon it during the building phase. Not to mention the comedy show the good people of Lowe’s got the day I tried strapping these Masonite pieces to the hood of my car. Did I say Masonite or mattress? Anyway, finishing this was a happy day around the house. I’m sure you can understand why.


So between other projects I had going on in the last year I did find time to naturally start another project that would inevitably delay anything that I was actually being paid to do. I have not painted with acrylic in quite some time, and I quickly remembered why I enjoy it so much. That and working on a larger scale is always fun as well. Hopefully there will be more studio work in the coming year. And who knows perhaps an art show. Fingers crossed for good things in 2019.

Been a While....

My receding hair line accompanied by my growing pant size (and I aint talking about the height, neither) is a harsh  reminder that I’m one year older. And this last year has been no different than the years before it. Work, Family, Rest, and Repeat. Day after day. Like the song goes, “It’s just another day.” And (much like my Planet Fitness membership) so to sits my blog going neglected, unappreciated, and not seeing the light of day. But all that changes today! Yes, I am renewed with the creative energy that will burst forth! Like a might explosion onto my paper, my creative juices will spill onto the page for all to see. Or until of course until Game of Thrones starts again. Then I will be obviously be unreachable for several weeks. But until then, feast yer eyes on some of the latest sketches, paintings, and all manner of my mediocre artistic endeavors.

Hannah Banana Mural

This year I participated in the annual Douglas Design District Avenue Art Days. Several businesses participate in having a local artist produce a mural for the side of their building. The mural I produced was featured on the side of a second hand consignment children's clothing store called Hannah Banana. I have never done an outdoor mural on site before. Needless to say it was a doozy. I ran into some pretty big issues right off the bat. The building had a very rough textural brick surface that made painting go at a snail's pace. Eventually I realized that spraypaint was going to be the way to go. Needless to my skills with the spraypaint are less than stellar, and a lot of my detail that I had originally planned got lost in the shuffle. But oh well, it got me out of work for a day, so that was well worth it. Here are some pictures of the 2 days I spent on this bad boy. As you can see I had some help getting this guy done.